Charles Merriam

Charles Merriam

The collected public works of Charles Merriam, a long term resident of Silicon Valley in California. My current projects involve Python and Docker.

Inventions and Patents »

I was the inventor for a number of patents while at JavaSoft, Sun Microsystems. Most of these are for mobile telecommunications and are heavily referenced.

The Blog Posts »

I kept an eccentric blog for some years, and people still reference the material there.

The Talks »

I often speak at technical conferences and users groups. Here are the slides, notes, and videos of some popular Python talks.

Political Causes »

Efficiency and innovation trump ideologies because good execution makes more difference than political ideals. One cause promotes good execution on a legal liability and regulatory framework for self-driving vehicles.

TrueGift Donations »

My family founded the TrueGift Donations Charity to make public schools a target of charity and to ameliorate the problem of scarce school supplies. I served as the the Executive Director and technical side for a number of years. The goals of this charity have been met.

Quick Reference Guides »

This project, in progress, creates Quick Reference Guides for software projects. The linked document is for the Docker virtualization container system.